Tutanota is a privacy-oriented service that is both affordable and convenient for users who like to flexibly manage one or multiple email accounts. Also, Tutanota offers both desktop and phone applications for increased accessibility.

With Tutanota, you can have access to a lightweight email manager, an app that is not by far overly complicated or difficult to get started with. A faulty trait of most privacy-oriented services, apps, or browser extensions is the fact that sometimes tools tend to become unrelatable for the end-user or for those who are not tech-savvy.

Tutanota manages to gracefully integrate email security and to enable access to privacy from within a simple, zero-knowledge client. The service and its tools, especially talking about the Windows app, are suitable for anyone who wants to use a secure communication channel. Also, the service is suitable for business use (which brings some extra options).

Tutanota has end-to-end encrypted emails, contact lists, data storage, and event calendar. The calendar encryption is in itself a highly valuable function that comes packed with another great feature — secured reminders and notifications.

Another great way to add extra security to your communication is to use services that allow you to send password-protected mails. With this tool, you can easily add a password to any email, in the most simplistic way possible. Even if you don't understand encryption methods or how this extra-protection layer works, while writing a new email, you can still check the password option and start typing your new pass. The tool evaluates how strong your password is and allows you to modify it before sending the email.

Tutanota is a nice desktop application that doesn't offer a crazy amount of modifications, but it does encourage simplicity and accessibility. You can choose between three different themes, perform email search, export your data in EML format, use aliases for certain addresses, add inbox rules, and plan your schedule using Tutanota's embedded calendar.