TVT Virtual Audio Device is a lightweight, no-frills application that enables you to record system sound by installing a playback and a recording device on your PC. The latter can then be used as an audio source by various other programs.

The utility is very simple to install and use, as no complex configurations are required. However, it is worth noting that no documentation is provided, which is not good news for novices.

TVT Virtual Audio Device can be set up in no time at all, as no complex procedures are required. This means that even users who are not familiar with these operations should not run into any issues while following the necessary steps.

The application installs two new audio devices on your PC, and you can recognize them by their label, which is “GloryTimes Virtual Audio Device”. When using another program to capture content, you will need to select the newly added recording device.

Of course, TVT Virtual Audio Device cannot record any sound on its own, as it relies on other software, such as MP3 Audio Recorder. Once you have clicked the “Run” button, you can set the recording source in the application you are using to capture content.

You can select the desired playback device from a drop-down list, and it is also possible to have the application launch the process automatically upon execution.

The program’s UI features a clear, simple layout, and you can also minimize the main application window. However, it is not possible to send it to the system tray.

Sadly, a user manual is not included, so novices may still find the application to be a bit confusing.

Overall, TVT Virtual Audio Device is a straightforward software solution for users who wish to record system sound without too much effort. It installs two audio devices that can be used by various other applications, and it is very simple to set up.