Designed for photography aficionados, web designers and individuals alike, Tweddo can carry out various image editing tasks in batch mode. It provides a quick and easy way to process a large number of photos in a short amount of time, focusing on quality enhancement and image restoration.

Thanks to its well-organized layout, you can add new effects and enhancements (generally called 'jobs'), see the list of photos to be processed, and preview the result and the original, all within the same window, without getting the feeling that the interface is overcrowded.

Tweddo can process single images and entire folders with photos, displaying the complete image queue on the lower side of the GUI. Moreover, you can configure it to monitor a directory and process new images as they arrive, without your intervention.

The utmost feature of Tweddo is its assortment of editing functions. To begin with, it can resize, crop and trim images, rotate, flip, and mirror them, or perform automatic image orientation. Furthermore, it comes with various effects that can be applied to turn a photo into a real masterpiece. The photos can be watermarked, filtered, blurred, and various filters can be used to get the look you are searching for.

With Tweddo, you can also remove the noise in your images, sharpen them, fix negatives, and perform infrared cleaning. What's more, it comes with a variety of enhancements to adjust the color balance, the contrast, the brightness, the hue and saturation levels, and much more.

With all these effects and tools, it might be difficult to get the perfect result without taking the time to perform fine adjustments. Having that in mind, Tweddo features a set of job list templates and presets to help you finish your editing task much faster.

Tweddo can process several images at once, applying all the enhancements you chose. What is interesting is that you can override configurations for each photo, if needed. As for the output, the application supports all the popular graphic formats, which turns it into an image converter as well