CTRL+F is a basic, and at the same time useful function found in almost all modern browsers, as it allows you to quickly locate any word on any webpage without having to scroll for seconds or minutes on end.

Twinword Finder is a smart Chrome extension that aims to supercharge your favorite browser's word finding capabilities by providing it with a more versatile and powerful search tool.

In short, with the help of this extension, you can search for and locate multiple words which are highlighted with different colors, for easy differentiation. And that's not all: thanks to its advanced API, it's also serviceable at pointing out synonyms or other word related to your particular keyword.

Its repertoire is completed by another useful feature that allows you to uncheck or check which synonyms should be included in the related keyword search and also by connecting to Google and Bing from time to time, just to check on the latest relevant trends and help you locate words a bit better.

If it sounds a bit complicated, don't worry, it's almost as intuitive as the humdrum CTRL+F default feature. Once installed, simply press CTRL+SHIFT+F and you'll notice the appearance of its compact UI on the upper side of Chrome's main window, right under the toolbar.

The workflow is quite similar, as well, as you only have to type in one, two, or multiple words, and use the Tab key to automatically jump from one to another. As expected, you can easily change the keyboard shortcut, as well as add various words or expressions to the Ignore List from the compact, retractable Settings section.

All in all, Twinword Finder is a nifty little extension that should be quite useful for users who do a lot of research on the Internet by improving the word search both regarding speed and quality, without ever feeling a lot more obtrusive than the default CTRL+F feature from Chrome. Too bad it's not available for other browsers, as well.