Efficient team collaboration and communication are the keys to meeting deadlines and turning all projects into a success. Email and group chat software are probably the most popular means of exchanging messages between team members, but keeping track of an entire conversation and finding sections where certain topics are discussed is both difficult and tedious.

Twist aims to address this issue by organizing talks between the team members, which results in a more efficient workflow and information that is easy to find.

The main advantage of Twist is that it can create different threads for each conversation while storing all the messages in a single, secure place. Separated treads allow team members not to mix up topics and easily find a previous discussion.

A second major plus is its support for multiple platforms, which allows all team members to join the team, regardless of the operating system they are using. Moreover, one can also login to the web-based app using a browser, which makes Twist even more versatile.

To use Twist, a user first has to create a new team and sign in using the new account. Regular team members require the team admin to send them an invitation and, after confirmation, they can login. Team members can be classified in different groups, which comes in handy if a part of the team works on a separate, smaller project.

The Inbox stores all the message threads into a single place and new conversation channels can be created when new topics arise. Old conversation can be easily archived, but kept for future reference.

Twist provides support for document attachments to messages so that files can be shared throughout the team.

The utmost feature of Twist is that it manages to separate conversations by topic, so that different team members stay focused on their work and find older replies with ease, without having to constantly check the conversation feed in a group chat to stay up-to-date.  The organized information can only result in higher productivity and fruitful collaboration.