Twitabase is a simple and reliable tool that allows you to request and view statistical data regarding your Twitter account. The tool allows you to find followers and check their activity, as well as retrieve your actions history or view details regarding a user’s profile.

Twitabase comes as a Microsoft Access template, which allows you to work in a convenient and familiar interface. You may access all the functions from the Main Menu and each new tool opens in a separate tab. This feature can make it very easy for your manage several functions at once.

The utility can retrieve information about your account, such as followers, friends, blocked users, the maximum number of friends you can add or the number of whitelisted users. Additional functions include the collage creator, user lookup or the activity history. The actions list displays a collection of Twitter items that are added to system folders, such as temporary files or Registry changes.

Twitabase acts as a database manager and it is optimized for handling Twitter account details. The tool can generate a list of followers, of friends, pending actions, blocked accounts, statuses or user profiles. It can easily create new data tables, by extracting information from your friends’ accounts or verify the existence of a particular user.

You can view the users who have recently followed or unfollowed you, extract and store statuses or track competitor information. The tool can export information as reports to Excel spreadsheets, Word, plain text or PDF; you can save separate categories, such as tweets, followers, friends or unfollowers.

Twitabase features a function that allows you to set an Active Message, to avoid exceeding the approved number of daily tweets. You can set this option and grant Twitabase the permission to post tweets on your account. Otherwise, the utility does not post any messages on your account.