If your twitter feed is overflowing with tweets that you no longer want there, you can remove them one by one or use third-party applications that can help you achieve quicker, more efficient results.

Twitter Delitter is one of the specialized software solutions that enables you to delete posts from your feed in a convenient manner.

This application can help you remove tweets from your live Twitter feed in an efficient manner, without requiring you to be logged in your account in real-time. After you launch the application, you will be prompted to download your feed from your account and import it into the application.

After you import the downloaded archive, you can view a list of tweets that are available on your live feed and even filter the contents by the client used to post the tweet and the year when they were posted. It would be more accurate to say that this app lets you mark your tweets and deletes them only after you log in your Twitter account from the program.

You can backup the contents of your modified live feed restore them later if needed. To do so, you just have to access the "Backup & Restore" option from the "File" menu, choosing between "Backup" and "Restore" and defining a destination path or a target one.

The "Tools" menu enables you to view a queue of messages that will be deleted after you log in your account, access a log of app events and adjust various settings from the "Options" window.

Twitter Delitter comes with a standard configuration window where you can adjust a few parameters to fine tweak the application's behavior in order to suit your needs better.

It is possible to delete the current Twitter archive from the application by navigating to the "Twitter" tab in the "Options" window and clicking the red text that describes this function. Additionally, you can set advanced parameters such as "TextSearchDelay" and "CheckForUpdateFrequency" from the "Advanced" tab.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a quick way to delete tweets from your live Twitter feed, Twitter Delitter is one of the apps that can help you do so. It comes with a simple interface and its functions are intuitive enough to be operated even by novices.