When it comes to customer service, companies are struggling to keep up with customer demands. There's clearly a big demand for applications that can manage the situation as best they can.

typedesk comes to the rescue with the ability to organize and arrange various canned messages that one may need to send or display. This freemium application can be downloaded for free; however, you may want to consider a paid subscription for the added advantages.

You can easily manage your canned responses in the application. Whether you want to see all the available entries or would like to have a well-organized space for easy access to these messages, typedesk is happy to serve.

One may assume that such an application requires specific skills in order to use; however, this is not necessary. The interface is intuitive, and the arrangement process is based on previous user established tags, on given names or on dates of creation.

Tags are an important part of the typedesk ecosystem. These are, basically, categories that one may develop in order for his or her messages to be organized.

The added tags can then be attached to different canned messages. A cool fact is that you can add as many tags as you want to each and every message. There are no restrictions regarding this aspect.

typedesk is an application that seems to encourage customization within its walls. As a result, aside from the tags and the messages themselves, the application also allows users to change the key combination used for conducting quick searches.

While future updates may prove to allow even more user freedom, there certainly is quite a lot already withing this application. It remains to be seen how well typedesk will evolve, as it is a promising app with a lot of potential.