Canned responses are predefined replies to questions that the majority of people might ask. This feat is useful in the customer support field of work where quick replies are used to provide fast answers to frequently asked questions. typedesk for Chrome is one handy add-on to the popular Internet browser.

typedesk would speed up your customer support's reply rates. The extension provides some fast ways for you to set up predetermined quick replies that you can easily select using only your keyboard. You can straightforwardly set canned responses within your account area on the extension's webpage. Those answers would also appear inside the typedesk Chrome extension once they've been created. You can also add team members so that they can use those quick replies.

The interface of typedesk is pleasant, and it's also easy to use. Once you've set up the canned responses, you can access them from within the extension and use them fast. Also, the extension presents a quick menu that offers you some options, such as quick access to creating more quick replies or the preferences section of typedesk. Besides, typedesk Chrome extension comes with dark mode, which is a more relaxing way to use the program without getting your eyes tired, especially in low-light conditions.

If you plan to use this extension yourself, then the free plan is ideal for you as it comes with unlimited canned responses. However, the three other subscription plans available provide online sync, multiple users, support for teams, and priority to the program's customer support. In conclusion, the typedesk Chrome extension offers you the opportunity to set up canned responses and helps you speed up your reply rates to your contacts' frequently asked questions.