Clipboards are probably one of the most undervalued tools employed by users all over the world. Text fragments of varying sizes can be swiftly moved from one application to another, a fact that considerably increases productivity and ensures transferal errors are avoided. For all the users who require advanced versions of the default Clipboard, TypeItIn Network provides a highly effective solution, complete with support for complex functions, such as scripted conditional operations.

In essence, the Network version features all the great functions present in the Professional edition. It can be employed for basic usage, as an enhanced version of the default Clipboard with numerous more available storage slots. Groups can also be defined to organize slots into themed classes and hotkeys can be adjusted to insert snippets or text fragments quickly.

More advanced features are also supported, including the ability to script complex macros that can even launch third-party applications. Other events can also be defined and one can, for example, create quick links to web sites, issue call functions to the Windows Media Player, and even perform disk operations, such as file deletions or renaming tasks.

All these functions confer the tool great power; the Network edition, however, stands out for a few extra reasons. As one would suspect, this edition is geared towards shared, or collaborative processes and users can now share clipboard groups across their local network. With this option, one can effectively borrow best-use practices from other users of the utility.

Usage statistics are generated in CSV format and one can customize the location of such files. Additionally, the Network edition provides increased administrative control over certain functions of the program, allowing one to disable or prevent users from accessing certain memory slots.

Summing up, TypeItIn Network is a detailed tool for anyone in need of an improved version of the standard Clipboard. This edition features all the great options available in the Professional version, to which it adds sharing functions, allowing connected users to essentially employ a common clipboard.