Dinosaurs have always captured our imagination with their size, looks, and ferocity, but mostly because they are no longer here for us to see.

Tyrannosaurus Rex 3D Screensaver brings you face to face with the mighty T-Rex so that you will feel like you're actually in the late Cretaceous.

The visuals are fantastic, especially f you set everything to maximum. The dinosaur's skin benefits from realistic pixel shading, allowing you to admire each inch of their scaly skin, while the environment is massive and feature-rich.

The vegetation is lush and green and the mountains that can be seen in the distance add to the illusion that the whole map is larger than it is.

The centerpiece of the app is the inhabitants: 3 colorful screeching raptors and a mighty T-Rex. They are animated in a way that makes it look like the Raptors are hunting, yet trying to avoid the T-Rex at the same time.

What adds an extra feel of realism is the camera's movements, as they are done to mimic the shaky cam you see in some horror film. The occasional zooming in on the T-Rex makes you feel like you're there trying to observe it without getting caught.

With all the graphical features it provides, it's to expect that the app does require a beefy system to work correctly, especially when all the visual settings are set to maximum.

For those of you running this app on older systems, rest assured that many of the visual and audio features can be adjusted or disabled so that you can enjoy this app as smoothly as possible. For example, you can adjust the screen's resolution, aspect ratio, the overall graphics quality, sound or music volume, etc.

If you think that the original soundtrack is not enough for the overall image, then you can replace it with audio files from your library. More so, those of you running multi-monitor systems will be delighted to hear that this tool supports multiple screens at a time.

​If you're keen on dinosaurs and safaris, and you also have a powerful graphics card, then Tyrannosaurus Rex 3D Screensaver is a great animated wallpaper and screensaver application for you.