U4 Screen Magnifier is designed as a powerful and easy-to-use computer screen magnifier.

Designed for anybody who always stares computer screen to protect eyes. The circular lens and rotating view make it the most innovative and interesting screen magnifier available.

Here are some key features of "U4 Screen Magnifier":

■ Set magnifier levels from 1x all the way up to 100x.

■ Sits in the Windows system tray. You can show the magnifying glass whenever you want.

■ Can drag the lens to move it anywhere on screen.

■ Click and drag sides or corners of lens window to quickly change its size.

■ Magnify the area your mouse is pointing to, and you can use hotkey to move the mouse cursor every single pixel.

■ Can have two magnifying glass: Circular and rectangular.

■ Can show and copy the color value of that your mouse cursor.

■ Can rotate the image of the magnifying glass by any angle.

■ Can invert colors in the lens any time. Black to white, white to black, etc.

■ Can save settings and remember the position of lens.


■ 15 days trial.