Ubahr SMS is a useful tool which lets you type in text messages (SMS) and then send them through a mobile phone connected to your computer by IrDA, Bluetooth or cable, eliminating the annoyance of having to use your mobile phone's keypad.

Using Ubahr SMS is very simple. If you are using Bluetooth to connect to your mobile phone, add a virtual serial port in your Bluetooth software, for example COM3. When this has been done, select this port in Ubahr SMS.

· Ericsson/Sony Ericsson: T68, T68i, T300, T310, T610, Z600, T230/T238/T226, T630, T290, Z1010, K700 series, S700 series, K500 series, Z500 series, V800 series, Z800 series, K300 series, J300 series, K600 series, V600 series, K750 series, W800 series, Z520 series, W600 series, W550 series, W900 series, W810 series

· Siemens: 55-generation and newer

· Nokia: All phones released after autumn 2001 that support serial port access