Ukoo CD / DVD Burner is one of the many burning apps on the market and it is aimed at users who want to burn a new disc with just a few clicks.

Similar to many other products in the same software category, Ukoo CD / DVD Burner adopts a multi-panel GUI to let users easily manage the files to be burned to disc.

As its name suggests, Ukoo CD / DVD Burner can handle both CDs and DVDs, but it’s very important to mention that it can only create data discs and nothing more. No audio disc support or ISO burning features, but instead the app can work with the common burning devices out there.

The burning engine is fast and reliable, with just a minimal footprint on system performance. We didn’t experience any issues during our testing and the burning successfully came to an end just like it happens in the case of other full-featured burning products on the market.

Of course, Ukoo CD / DVD Burner works like a charm on all Windows versions on the market and doesn’t require any special user privileges to launch properly.

To sum up, Ukoo CD / DVD Burner is a handy piece of software for users who want nothing more than to create a data disc with no fuss.

On the other hand, professional users looking for a comprehensive burning product to handle all the tasks may be a little disappointed, despite the built-in fast and stable burning engine.