The ukulele is often associated with exotic songs and Hawaii, although it originates from a Portuguese chord instrument called machete. Learning to play the ukulele could be both fun and useful, as it is a widely used instrument.

UkuleleNotesFinder is a handy piece of software that allows you to interactively study the positioning of various notes on a music sheet and on the chords of the ukulele fretboard.

The application can help you find out how music notes are positioned on a chart, as well as on the fretboard of an ukulele. By hovering over the music sheet, you can instantly check the name of a notation and its placement on the chords of an ukulele.

This works both ways, as placing the mouse over the fretboard will highlight the corresponding note on the music sheet.

UkuleleNotesFinder provides you with a convenient way of testing your knowledge about the music notations that you tried to learn. You have to choose the correct name of the notation highlighted on the ukulele fretboard. As your answers are being recorded, you are presented with detailed statistics about your results at the end of the test. This could help you find out which music notes you still need to learn.

Aside from this, the program plays the corresponding sound of a music note whenever it is being clicked on, as if it was played from a real ukulele.

All in all, UkuleleNotesFinder is an ideal kickstarter for those who want to learn how to play the ukulele. Designed mainly for mobile phones with touchscreens, the application could use certain additions that would make it even more flexible on a computer, such as keystroke mapping for every music notation or the ability to record and save played sounds.