Students, teachers or audiophiles who are passionate about the study of sounds and their characteristics, might need an accessible way of viewing the waveform of certain sounds. UltimaSound is a utility that was designed in order to provide users with an easy solution for visualizing the waveform of the input audio signal, in both 2D and 3D.

The application features a sharp interface that could remind experienced users of old oscilloscopes, thanks to its audio signal visualizer. Offering two main views for the waveform of the inputted sounds,  UltimaSound allows one to easily view the characteristics of the audio signal.

People can select their microphone or audio source and once the connection has been established, the application will display the audio signal waveform, in real time. Both the 2D and 3D visualizers are customizable and users can select a logarithmic, full frequency scaling or standard frequency scaling display.

Users can select for the application to display the 3D waveform at a 45 degree angle or from bottom to top and vice versa. However, UltimaSound doesn’t allow them to change the waveform color palette and this might be frustrating for some. In order for the signal to be visualized better, the utility provides users with an option to make the displayed signal persist more on the screen.

Offering such an intuitive handling and no need for fancy settings and setup procedures, it becomes apparent how this application could help people view and understand sound characteristics. Using its features, one will be able to better grasp parameters such as frequency, amplitude, pattern or spectrum, which otherwise could be difficult to comprehend.

For those who are looking for a user-friendly application that could allow them to view a graphical depiction of the waveform of audio signal, this utility could be an adequate choice. It will offer them an easy-to-handle package that will display the waveform of the audio signal from their input audio devices, therefore enabling them to understand notions such as frequency or spectrum.