Ultimate DVD Player is a reliable software application designed to play VOB and DVD files. Having a simple layout, the DVD player offers a comprehensive set of controls to the user, making it easy for him to play standard digital versatile discs.

The GUI of the DVD player is smartly designed to keep away the features that aren't immediately needed by users. Color controls, desktop projection, or other fancy options do not appear in the main interface. What it does offer is, however, a slider-based control panel holding the pitch modifier, together with the movie speed and audio volume control.

Besides the obvious VOB support, Ultimate DVD Player allows some pretty standard DVD navigation options, including various deinterlace customizations. The set of preferences also contains other general features, like remembering the last window position when a movie was played and saving video bookmarks.

However, the strongest set of options is within the audio control panel which allows for a flexible customization of the pitch, audio offset, and speed of the video. Being a slider-based design, it offers the user a greater accuracy when choosing parts of the video to be played than simple, predetermined buttons.

Ultimate DVD Player runs DVDs without any problems and can easily detect subtitles. If you decide to change the audio playback quality, you can choose between three different algorithms that alter the overall bandwidth.

DVD players aren't usually the most complicated software applications out there, and Ultimate DVD Player is no different. However, what this tool offers is an increased audio accuracy when playing video discs via a slider-based control panel, complete with pitch, volume, and audio offset control.

Although more comprehensive programs are available, this might do the trick for less pretentious users that look for a basic and solid DVD player.