Photo editors are popular applications on the Internet, but it's difficult to find one that meets all of your needs, without having to pay a steep price.

One of such applications is Ultimate Photography Suite. It contains five complex and useful programs that help you with transforming your pictures in a very creative way using lots of tools.

Each of the five suite components is a standalone application, but their graphical interfaces are almost identical. They're rather dark and don't have any customization features whatsoever.

They have a panel on the right side of the screen, filled with all sort of tools and features for editing your images.  Dramatic Black and White application helps turn your pictures into black and white, you can browse your computer in order to load pictures or simply use the drag and drop tool.

It allows you to adjust the red, green and blue balance on your images, you can easily zoom in and out on them. It lets you rotate images or cut off unwanted areas around the photo.

You can change the black and white strength, the tone, darken or brighten your images, adjust contrast, spotlight and grain strength. Grungestastic program lets you add multiple grunge filters and effects to your images.

They come in lots of categories that you can browse through, and it has some adjustments of its own. Color detail and edge strength can be changed.

NIR Colors application lets you add all sort of filters to your be adjusted, you can adjust blowout, detail, randomize colors, change gain strength, contrast and other options. Romantic Colors program comes with a whole list of filters that you can add to pictures.

They're all in warm colors and come in multiple categories you can explore. As expected, you can make some adjustments to colors, but it also allows you to use a brush and draw on pictures. Opacity can be adjusted, so can soft focus and vignette strength.

The fifth program, Simply HDR lets you use a technique to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity. You can adjust the brush size, smoothing, vignette fade and strength, gain strength and use a brush. When you're done, you can save presets and photo on your computer.

All in all, Ultimate Photography Suite is a very useful and complex suite for editing various pictures, but it would have been nice if all programs would have been integrated into one application, thus making the editing process smoother.