In you’re an avid literature fan, you naturally want to turn everything into reading material, and while this may not be that difficult, the question of the environment’s coziness remains.

You obviously want to read in a nice ambiance, regardless of whether you prefer printed books or e-books. If the latter option is what caught your attention, you could try out an app such as Ultra eBook Reader, which claims to successfully replace printed books, letting you fully explore them on your PC.

Let’s start our inquiry by exploring the program’s looks. It is important to mention that the application features an intuitive and clutter-free GUI that helps you easily manage your e-books.

As for exactly what types of e-books it supports, you should rest assured that no compatibility issues will arise since 12 of the most popular file extensions are included in the list, with MOBI, EPUB, PDF, and CBR being among them.

Once you open your e-book, you can select the viewing mode, with 3 options being at your disposal. More precisely, they are a “Single Page View,” “Two Page View,” and a “Book View.”

For a distractions-free reading environment, you can opt for a fullscreen mode, which removes all the program’s buttons and menus and prompts you strictly with your text. Other than that, if it is a presentation that you are watching, there is a special display mode for that too.

Many people tend to reject the idea of e-books simply because they consider their interaction with the text limited. Still, the program tries to compensate for this aspect by giving you the possibility of adding bookmarks to your favorite pages and managing all these annotations effortlessly.

What’s more, the program enables you to analyze a table of contents for your e-book while also letting you convert it in case you want to prepare it for use on a different device. PDF and TXT documents are the output formats you can select between, and proving once again that your books are not captive in any environment.

What with printing features being included in the program too, you should have no problem turning your e-book into a traditional physical copy in case that seems more relaxing to you.

All in all, Ultra eBook Reader is a handy tool if you want to fully enjoy the pleasures of reading on a PC, laptop or tablet. It mimics printed books in the fact that it also provides you with the chance to interact with the text, but overall, the manageability proves to be higher what with the app’s handy interface.