Undisker is an application that allows you to view the content of any ISO image file, while also providing dedicated tools to help you create your very own images with no fuss.

It’s very unlikely to get lost in the main window thanks to its user-friendly approach, with a multi-panel layout to easily show you the content of a loaded ISO.

In addition, Undisker displays image properties and even allows you to extract certain files, just like you’d normally do from an archive. Drag and drop support is obviously supported, so the whole file extraction process is quite a breeze.

Besides ISO files, Undisker also supports a few other image formats, including IMG, IMA, BIN, CUE, CCD and SUB.

Since it’s also capable of creating ISO images, Undisker can help you clone or backup a CD or DVD disc in a matter of minutes, as it relies on a very fast and system friendly engine.

Users are required to choose the source of the ISO file, which can be a fixed drive, a CD or DVD, or just data stored on your computer, with no other configuration options at your disposal.

The good thing is that Undisker runs on low resources and doesn’t affect system performance, running smoothly on all Windows versions.

All in all, Undisker is indeed a tool that does what it says with just a few configuration options, which makes it appropriate for all types of users, be they beginners or more experienced. What’s more, a comprehensive help file is also available, just to make sure you figure out how to use all of its features.