Undownloadable PDF is a simple application that enables you to publish your PDF, without that your readers could save it at their local computer.

You want to publish an interesting content. However, you don't wish that your readers could save it on their machines? You searched repeatedly on the world wide web a solution to this problem know as impossible ? Undownloadable PDF is designed for you! How is it possible? Instead of creating a link to your PDF, you create a link to an executable file, that prevents the downloading of your document, while letting the reader consult it normally.

The functions "save", "print", are unattainable, the right click , the clipboard can't receive text, and the keyboard shortcuts are disabled. In addition, Undownloadable PDF leaves no traces of its activity in your reader's computers. Neither in their browsing history, nor in their temporary folder. Your readers should just press the "run" button to read your secured PDF. What if they press the "save" button instead of press the "run" button ?

Obviously, your readers still have the option to download the executable instead of download your PDF. When it is on their machine, they can test and verify the security of your executable with their anti virus. During the executable appears on their machine locally, it will not run so long they have it on their computer. A popup message will inform the user to delete it, and click the run button.

That's why you need to clearly tell your readers not to press the button "save" but the button "run" to read your content. Why it will not run during it is located on a computer? It is very logical. If it runs on their machine, so instead to download your PDF directly, your readers would download the executable to possess your document indirectly in their machine!