unEbookWorkshop can decompile any .EXE e-books which were compiled by ebook Workshop and extract all source files from the e-book !

Run unEbookWorkshop, simply select an e-book which was made by e-book Workshop, press the button "Start", select a folder for output, and in a short time you will get all source files of the ebook ( these source file are saved in the folder you've selected. ) !

With unEbookWorkshop, you also can decompile e-books in batches: Click "Batch Decompilation..." from the file menu, select a folder that contains .EXE format ebooks compiled by e-book Workshop, then select an output folder, press the button "Start", all e-books will be decompiled quickly (unEbookWorkshop will ignore any unknown e-book automatically).

Extract all source files from an EXE e-book, then you can edit and recompile those source files to an e-book, that's all.