Unifeye Design is an advanced software application whose purpose is to help you create augmented reality presentations, scenarios and demos. It comes with support for face tracking, advanced image recognition, and full screen mode.

The tool provides a well-structured suite of features where you can preview the photos and videos included in a presentation directly into the main panel. A set of advanced parameters, which can docked or expanded, help you manipulate geometry aspects.

There’s support for a help manual but it does not provide thorough information about the program’s capabilities.

Unifeye Design lets you design AR presentations with custom pictures (JPEG, BMP), videos (AVI, MPEG) and video streams via your webcam. In addition, you may pause or stop the clips, go to the previous or next image, loop the clip, and activate the full screen mode.

The projects can be saved to a file on your computer so you can import them in the future. The app also provides several examples that you can work with before defining your own project and lets you undo your actions.

What’s more, you are allowed to choose between the OpenGL and DirectX rendering mode and zoom within the area of interest.

Unifeye Design gives you the possibility to manipulate objects present in a scene. You can access a list of all currently loaded geometries and created clipping planes. Plus, you are given the freedom to set the position of the selected objects, configure the orientation of objects, as well as tweak the size of geometries.

The program comes packed with VRML manipulation objects that allow you to check out nodes of loaded geometries. You can calculate the pose of a coordinate system relative to a chosen base coordinate, set the camera calibration data, import XML tracking configuration files, create and manage configuration files for marker-based tracking, as well as record the interaction between user and Unifeye SDK, and play back Unifeye workflows.

All in all, Unifeye Design offers support for advanced features for helping you apply AR to any standard images. The thorough pack of options makes it suitable especially for professionals.