Unify Karaoke Jukebox Basic Edition is a karaoke application built to support DVD, VCD, MP3G, and MPEG4 songs. The tool comes together with song printing and managing features.

Separated in three windows the program simulates the aspect of a DVD player while offering some sort of futuristic graphical user interface where artists, music titles, languages, playlists, and lots of other accessible parameters are available.

The main window is the actual DVD player lookalike, while the screen where lyrics are shown is a separate panel stylized with the same futuristic metallic grey-looking frame.

This is a karaoke player after all, so users can import a large database of songs and play them with their afferent lyrics. Unify Karaoke Jukebox Basic Edition has support for DVD, VCD, MP3G, and MPEG4 formats, and allows users to find songs via title, artist, or even language thanks to its integrated search engine.

In case users want to import music from their computer, songs can be played either from their hard drives or optical drives. Karaoke fans can also set up lots of playback features, like repeat songs and specify the duration of the repeating mode.

When it comes to configuration settings, users can change the audio channels and set up their microphones. Hotkeys are available for this as well. Visual themes can be changed. Users have a pretty large database of colorful background images and lots of UI models to choose from, and in case a triple screen display is too much, it can be modified to just one.

Unify Karaoke Jukebox Basic Edition is a pretty flexible karaoke player that allows users to import their own database of songs with a bunch of limited file support that includes DVD and MPEG4 formats. It helps users to customize the program's overall GUI to suit his preferences, while being compatible with lots of colorful themes.