Universal Converter is an advanced tool that contains approachable options for turning any printable document into PDF and other types of files, such as JPEG, PNG and TIFF. It enables you to edit metadata and configure output image settings.

The setup procedure doesn't take long and the only notable aspect is that the utility installs a PDF printer. From this point on, it can be accessed from the printing function of any application which supports it.

The preset profiles are available for high compression (small files), high quality (large files), JPEG, PNG, TIFF and PDF/A (long-term preservation). Moreover, you can instruct the app to print the document after saving it to one of the desired output file types, as well as edit PDF metadata regarding the subject, keywords and author.

Additional configuration options give you the possibility to add tokens for setting the author template, embed a text stamp on top of all pages and specify the font type and color, insert a PDF document in the background of all pages (for PDF only), and enable autosave mode.

It's also possible to add covers or attachments to the documents, send them via an email client over SMTP, run custom scripts, or upload files via FTP. When it comes to JPEG, PNG and TIFF settings, you can customize the colors, resolution (DPI), and quality (percent).

More options are provided for PDF by Universal Converter. For instance, you can set the page orientation, color model, page and document view, color and greyscale images (e.g. compression, resampling), encryption, and signature. New profiles can be created from scratch.

Universal Converter is equipped with comprehensive and intuitive options for converting any printable document into PDF or image format. It carried out tasks rapidly while remaining light on system resources usage.