Universal Converter is a feature-rich application you can use to perform a wide range of unit conversions when it comes to acceleration, angular speed, dynamic fluidity, density, electric resistivity, and others. It's capable of generating reports.

The setup operation is a fast task that shouldn't give you any trouble, since there are no special options or third-party components involved. However, you must have .NET Framework installed.

As for the interface, Universal Converter opts for a large window with a well-structured layout, where the conversion procedure is split into four steps: selecting the conversion category along with the source and output unit, entering data, and clicking a button.

There are numerous groups of units available, such as electric charge, potential and field strength, male and female clothing (dresses, shirts, suits), fractions and decimals, frequency, fuel consumption, heat density, image file format and resolution, linear charge and current density, luminance, mass flow rate, sound, paper sizes, or oven temperature. Filters are put at your disposal.

Once the conversion is over, it's possible to generate a report using templates, like colorful, date and time header, extra tab space, red result, and graphic report. The reports and templates can be customized when it comes to the font, text effects, highlights, images, links, paragraph alignment and indentation, as well as bullet lists.

Recent conversions are recorded in a separate area and can be reviewed any time. Plus, you can increase or decrease the significant figures, show thousand separators, switch to scientific notation view, and group the number by three digits.

Furthermore, the application implements features for taking notes, searching for units and viewing results in real time, as well as for examining definitions and other important information about units. Keyboard shortcuts are supported and can be remapped.

To sum it up, Universal Converter comes packed with a comprehensive set of options wrapped up in an intuitive interface dedicated to unit conversions. CPU and RAM usage was minimal in our tests.