Unsplash is one of the best online sources for copyright-free photos, as there is an extensive collection of images for you to browse, and they can all be downloaded and used freely.

Unsplashed is a user-friendly Windows UWP app that brings all of these stunning pictures to your desktop and makes it easy for you to set them as your wallpaper or lock screen image.

This application is all about the amazing photographs, and the interface was designed in such as way as to allow you to enjoy these pictures without distractions. There is only a small toolbar on the bottom of the window, and even this interface element is translucent.

You can cycle through the available images by just clicking the one that is currently displayed, and the filters and advanced settings can also be accessed easily. If you skip an interesting picture by accident, you can even bring it up again from the app’s settings.

There are a few filters you can take advantage of to ensure the pictures you are provided are to your liking. You can choose the desired category, use one or more search terms and even select the resolution that matches your desktop.

While you can just navigate through the photos manually, the application can also change your wallpaper and lock screen automatically at a preset interval.

Moreover, Unsplashed allows you to save any of the images on your hard drive, in their original resolution and without any annoying watermarks.

On the whole, this is a relatively simple application that provides access to a large database of high-resolution, copyright-free photos, and it can also help you set them as your desktop background or lock screen image. It is remarkably easy to use, and it features a modern, stylish UI.