The automatic updates for Windows OS can be a nuisance sometimes due to their schedule. For some user, the update time is not really affected, but for others, they appear to start when they need their PC mostly. Update Pauser is a neat application that lets you postpone the updates and even block them for the time you can let them run.

The UI is lightweight and straightforward; it has only one sliding button that controls the updates flow. Apart from the slider, there is a log that can be checked from the "View" tab.

Also, the app's status can be noticed under the slider. If you forget what role goes to the positions, check the status, this will clear thing up.

Update Pauser's main function is to delay the moment of Windows automatic updates. Currently, Windows 10 has the most work reserved. You have noticed by now that several times a month, the PC has to stay idle to wait for the up[dates to finish. Depending on the updates this can take around 10 minutes or more.

For users that are in a constant need of their PC at every time, this app comes in handy. Keep the updates on hold until your work is done and let them run when the work is done.

To summarize, Update Pauser is a smart utility that can help you avoid the OS update schedule. Simply slide the button to 'Paused" and go through with your work. When your system is ready for the update process, enable them from the app and lay back. The operation is the simplest ever, slide the button to left and right to change the status.