URSafe NoteCase – PC is a data encryption tool that allows you to protect important information, such as passwords, secret codes, credit card details, bank accounts, and many more.

URSafe NoteCase – PC uses two very powerful security technologies. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used today even by the US government and it is known as one of the most efficient ways to encrypt data.

The Message-digest algorithm (MD5) is also a widely-used encryption algorithm. It is mostly used to check the data integrity and to encode the hash properties. It is said that this method of encryption is almost impossible to crack.

Taking the above into consideration, you can rest assured that your information is safely kept.

URSafe NoteCase – PC enables you to store information by simply typing it in the designated fields. Also, you can type in data, codes and passwords into the so-called 'Secret Code' section. By checking the 'Show/Hide' box, the data becomes invisible to prying eyes. The 'Hide' button enables you to quickly navigate back to the login window, making your personal data unavailable to others.

In case you leave in a hurry and forget to close the application, another protection method comes in handy. You can configure URSafe NoteCase – PC to log out from your account after a specific time of inactivity, measured in seconds.

URSafe NoteCase – PC can be a good tool to protect all your important personal details, but take into consideration that it automatically destroys them after a certain number (set by you) of failed logins.

Even if you do not forget your master password, someone else might try to unlock the information database, which can lead to data loss. Anyway, losing your password database is way better than having the intruder succeed in stealing valuable information from you.