US Stamps is designed to aid users in comparing their own stamp collection with a large database, comprising more than 5600 entries. The program displays beautiful, detailed renditions of collectible items.

The pictures contained in this catalog are visually very appealing. The range of items is simply incredible! Not only are there a lot of entries, but some of them are really old (more than 150 years).

There are also many categories to choose from. While most stamps are regular issue ones, some are very special. History enthusiasts will probably find the “Confederate” section particularly nice to browse.

All in all, there are 8 sections to peruse: “Regular”, “Airmail”, “Express”, “Duck”, “Parcel Post”, “Postage Due”, “Confederate” and “Newspaper” stamps.

There are also modern stamps available. With a generous time interval of more than 150 years (from 1847 to 2014), everyone should find something gorgeous to admire.

A secondary function of this utility is the ability to create new catalogs. Users can add their own pictures, together with descriptions. All common picture formats are supported.

After this step, users can compare their new stamp collection against the default one. The program also displays the unique identifier of each stamp (Scott's number), so particularly appealing items cannot be lost.

The interface is dark but well adjusted to the purpose of the program. Indeed, the black background makes most stamps stand out even more.

All images are of very good quality and are neatly tucked away behind corresponding categories. The program also features a “Find stamp” function, which can receive either Schott's number or the year of creation as query.

In conclusion, this is a great resource both for stamp enthusiasts, but also for anyone that has an eye for art. The ability to create user-defined catalogs is definitely a pleasant feature!