Insert any USB storage device into your computer and the software automatically copies your files to and from the USB drive - no clicks or keystrokes necessary.

Automatic USB Backup is designed to do one thing and do it well - make it as convenient as humanly possible to backup your files. Why make it convenient? So that you'll actually do it! This application is the perfect solution for:

If you are the resident 'computer expert' called in to deal with your friends' and families' computing problems, you know most of the people you support to do not know how to backup, let alone do it regularly. Have them purchase a USB memory key and install and configure Automatic USB Backup for them. No matter how inexperienced they are, if they can plug in a

You know your customers will be coming to you if they have a hard drive failure or accidentally delete their documents. Differentiate your store from the competition by including a low-cost memory key and Automatic USB Backup - Commercial Version with each system you sell. Your customers will be impressed that all they have to do is plug in a USB key to be safely backed up, and your support costs will be lower.

Here are some key features of "USB Backup Professional Edition":

Just insert any USB drive into your computer and the software will Backup or Synchronize your files automatically.

We use the Windows file system to save your backup archives. You do not need any program to access or restore your backup sets - so they will be accessible for years to come (even if you switch operating systems!)

Did you accidentally restore to an older version of a file? No problem. By default, We make a backup copy of every file it overwrites, so you can go back to any preexisting version.

Can utilize industry standard ZIP compression to maximize the number of files you can store on your USB drive. Even though your files are compressed, you will still be able to access your backup archive from Windows Explorer and other operating systems.

User can selects the 'Hidden mode' for silent backups, or hold down the 'ALT' key on startup to show the action window.

Automatically backup your hard disk to your USB drive, or your USB drive to your hard disk.

Automatically synchronize multiple files and directories between 2 or more Computers.

Simple select your network place and add your files in files TreeView windows in advanced mode, then you can backup the LAN (Local Area Network) drivers to USB.

When you plug in your USB, Automatically load the right Backup Archive and setting to backup your current computer.

We provide many actions of backup option, Incremental, Overwrite all items, Copy only new, Completely new archive each time, Time Stamped, etc.

Selective Restore, manually restore using Windows Explorer and Total Restore.

You may wish to perform the exact same backup/synchronize, but on a new USB device. (say you upgraded from a 512MB key to a 20GB portable hard drive.) To duplicate your settings on the new device, simply copy over the BackupUSBProgram folder from the old device to the new device, and everything should work exactly the same as with the old device!

You can browse a folder tree to select individual files and folders to be backed up or you can include or exclude them individually.

Installation is through a simple Wizard interface and takes just seconds. Advanced program behavior can then be fine-tuned through dozens of options in the advanced menu.


■ CPU 600 MHz

■ 128 M RAM

■ 2 MB HD space


■ 15 days trial

■ Nag screen