USB-Winlock turns any USB flash drive into a dongle and securely protects your computer.

Unlike similar programs, USB-Winlock DOES NOT WRITE to your flash drive, nor does it modifying the flash drive in any other way! USB-Winlock merely READS the unique serial number and manufacturer code and uses that to identify your USB flash drive!

Like you start a car with a key, you start your computer with the flash drive. Nobody else, without the right key, can start your machine!

When you leave your computer for a while, just take your USB key with you and nobody will be able to access your computer, while you are away. During your absence, a message will be displayed, which can be changed, as you like.

When you come back, insert the USB key and your computer will be unlocked exactly where you left it...

As a bonus for laptop users, USB-WinLock can optionally create a file on your USB flash drive with complete hardware identification of your laptop. In case your laptop ever gets lost, you can easily identify your property.