If your work requires extensive online research, you probably understand the importance of having a powerful search engine that you can rely on. However, being able to use multiple engines at the same time is an even more convenient situation.

uSearch Store App is a handy application that lets you access various search engines and identify your desired content in a more efficient manner.

This program comes with a stylish, user-friendly interface that enables you to benefit from its capabilities regardless of your computer skills.

Also, no additional configuration is needed to use this program's abilities to their full extent; you just need to launch it and start searching for your desired information.

uSearch Store App can help you perform online searches of your favorite subjects in a seamless manner. In order to do so, you just need to choose your favorite service from the list, type your desired content in the designated field and hit the magnifying-glass-shaped button. Among the supported search engines, you can find Google, Duck Duck Go, Baidu, Bing, 500px, Google Images and CNN. You can also add custom sites to the list or delete existing ones via the Settings menu.

Switching between search engines can be easily done by clicking the dedicated arrow button. Unfortunately, this application does not search on all the engines simultaneously. Instead, you need to click the search button every time you switch the service.

If you want to search for image content, this program lets you view the resulting files in an efficient manner by providing you with an Image Flow component.

After retrieving the list of results, you can click the Image Flow button on the toolbar and the application will organize the images and display them as a slideshow.

All things considered, uSearch Store App is a reliable program that lets you perform online searches and provides you with results from multiple services. It comes with a user-friendly interface, lets you view image results as a slideshow and enables you to customize the search engine list.