User Profile Manager is a light piece of software that provides you with a simple and versatile environment to manage multiple user profiles on shared computers.

First off, considering the role of the application, it is recommended that you install the utility as Administrator and hence, avoid getting errors. Following a quick setup, you are welcomed by a minimalistic and rugged appearance, the GUI intuitive and organized. On a side note, you should know that the application integrates with Windows shell and hence, it can replace the standard User Profiles dialog box.

The interface consists of two primary tabs and, as you probably hinted, you can preview a list of the users using the workstation from the User Profiles. The Temporary Profiles tab has the role of preventing certain users from saving a profile on the workstation.

The highlight of the program stems from the fact that it enables you to create user profiles that can be shared between users. You will be happy to learn that assigning permissions or privileges to a group of users is a quick matter of typing the name of the user or group you are creating the profile for.

Since sharing a computer with multiple users might lead to some confusion, the application enables you to rename the existing programs just as smoothly so that you can recognize them at first glance. Speaking of convenience, you can copy profiles along with their settings and configuration and create a new one for another user in a matter of seconds.

Last, but not least important, you can deny certain profile the right to create a new user on the workstation. The feature that can be useful when a computer is shared by a large number of people or when the role of the PC is to store a certain resource (application, data, instrument, etc).

A tool that can optimize the use of shared computers

In the eventuality that you are working in an environment that entails sharing the workstation with your colleagues and you would like to access the desktop assigned to you quickly and painlessly, then perhaps User Profile Manager could lend you a hand.