In the eventuality that your company has merged with a larger corporation, then there is a good chance that you are evaluating various solutions on how to migrate user profiles. While it is true that you can have the IT department configure everything from scratch, the process can prove to be lengthy and consume too many resources.

User Profile Wizard is an advanced tool specially designed for professionals who are dealing with this issues and help them automatically migrate thousands of workstations to a new domain, but without altering the settings and configurations stored in the user profiles.

The utility can spare you the hassle of creating a new user profile and then taking the time to configure all the settings. Moreover, the tool does not copy, move, paste or delete any data from the user profile. Instead, the app sets the profiles in place so that it can be used with the new account.

It is necessary to mention that the migration can be performed from any existing Windows network as well as the company's intranet from a single point of administration. Consequentially, the administrator can easily move thousands of workstations, join standalone machine or migrate the computers back in a specific workgroup.

All in all, if you are looking for a solution that allows you to migrate hundred of thousands of user profiles and workstations fast and securely, then perhaps User Profile Wizard could come in handy.