Gene6 FTP Server is a very popular application among individuals and businesses who wish to transfer files across the web, but it is not perfect, and some issues can be solved with the help of third-party plug-ins.

For many years, Gene6 FTP Server has had problems with UTF-8 encoding, causing files that include non-Latin characters to not be displayed correctly. This plug-in aims to resolve this issue, making it unnecessary to use any other commands to use UTF-8 encoding.

Naturally, Gene6 FTP Server needs to be installed on your computer beforehand. The plug-in should be compatible with the latest versions of the application, but it is wise to consult the documentation before making any purchases.

In order to install UTF-8 fixer plugin for Gene6 FTP Server, you need to copy the DLL and INI files contained in the downloadable package to the program’s “Plugins” directory, and then restart Gene6 FTP Server.

Various plug-in options can be modified by editing the "utf8plug.ini" file. You can enable or disable various parameters, and the included documentation provides you with helpful instructions.

If you enable the “DisableCLNTCheck” option, the plug-in prevents Gene6 FTP Server from checking if the CLNT command has been executed before the "OPTS UTF8 ON" command.

The ForceDefaultUTF8 option forces Gene6 FTP Server to use UTF-8 as if the CLNT and "OPTS UTF8 ON" commands have already been executed. This should resolve file name encoding issues, but it may be required to execute the "OPTS UTF8 OFF" command after the connection has been established when using older FTP clients, as well as run the CLNT command if the “DisableCLNTCheck” option is disabled.