Processing data, and especially text strings, in the larger context of coding and programming, can become a challenging task, especially when dealing with large volumes of data. Furthermore, having the ability to easily convert and transform data from one format to another is key for avoiding any issues. Utilso aims at offering users and developers, in particular, the means to easily run their data through a series of processing tools, which allow them to verify text, encode it or decode it, as well as subjecting it to conversion from and to some of the most commonly used formats.

One of the highlights of the app’s design is its side-panel, where all of its features are neatly stored, being readily available for access at all times. Furthermore, if users wish to improve their workflow, even more, the app also offers a CMD search feature.

If you wish to have more space for previewing the added text data, the app also enables you to toggle the side-panel, thus making more room for visualization.

Thanks to the included tools in the side-panel, if users wish, they can take their text string data and run it through an entire process of conversion and verification. Some of the most common and useful tools, such as encoding and decoding for Base64, JSON validation, code beautification, and more, are provided.

A difference checker is also included, coupled with tools that address HTML previewing and URL encoding.

Utilso presents users with a highly capable package, which includes several tools for performing various operations to text data, all provided through a very accessible handling demeanor.