All developers who want to make a living off their software are surely aware that the installer they pack with their application is very important, and that it needs to be as intuitive and visually appealing as possible.

uuSetupMaker is one of the utilities you can rely on when you want to generate personalized, yet attractive setups for your products.

When you run uuSetupMaker for the first time, you can take the time to explore some of the sample projects that can help you discover its many features.

The GUI (graphical user interface) is not exactly eye-candy, as it focuses more on functionality rather than looks. Its numerous functions are neatly organized in dedicated tabs, yet you might occasionally feel overwhelmed by their number.

It needs to be mentioned from the get-go that this app is not created for novices, since you need to be familiarized with the terminology in order to successfully compile your installer.

You need to start by selecting the files and folders that you want to pack within your setup, then proceed to personalizing each step to your liking.

For example, you can replace the default graphics of a standard installer with your own custom images, as well as alter the original texts to custom messages.

Similarly, you can tweak the look of the uninstaller, its icon and its looks, as well as the copyright info or the paths it should look into while removing the app.

Due to uuSetupMaker, you can get complete control over the registry entries that are created once a user runs the setup you have created. You can not only customize their names, but also their values and their number.

All in all, uuSetupMaker can prove to be a helpful solution for those looking to come up with a personalized installer for their software, yet medium to advanced skills are required in order to make the most of its functions.