V-PAD is a comprehensive and efficient software solution whose main purpose resides in offering you a reliable method of protecting the contents of your most sensitive files by encrypting them with a strong and virtually unbreakable algorithm.

The application experiences a brief installation operation, during which you will also be required to create a master password that will be used to login every time you run it.

The main window of V-PAD allows you to select the function you wish to work with, being able to choose between ‘Encrypt’, ‘Decrypt’, ‘Manage’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Security’, each component with its individual role.

For starters, you might want to use the ‘Manage’ component, as it will help you create and save one or more encryption keys, storing them on your computer, to a location of your choice, in VENC format. The key is made up of plain text that you can input; such a key will only be usable once, allowing you to delete it once it expires.

Now, you can ‘Encrypt’ a file by browsing through your system and loading it into V-PAD. The default destination folder is the source directory, but it can easily be customized. Subsequently, you can choose the encryption key you intend to work with, then press the corresponding button to finalize the operation. Reversely, V-PAD can also ‘Decrypt’ a previously encoded file, with minimal effort.

The ‘Advanced Settings’ window enables you to perform ‘Data Control’ and ‘Key Disposal’ changes, as well as modify ‘Entropy Evaluation’ preferences. From the ‘Application Security’ section, you can choose the ‘Random Engine’, the ‘Erasure Triggers’ and ‘Options’, restrict V-PAD’s usage and activate or deactivate the login prompt.

To conclude, V-PAD is a powerful and reliable program that can help you preserve the secrecy of your most sensitive documents, enabling you to encode them with a custom key of limited life-span, thus reducing the risk that anyone other than yourself may access its contents.