VAC (Voice Activated Commands) is an efficient and intuitive software solution aimed to provide you with the means of controlling your applications or games just by speaking the commands, rather than typing them into your keyboard.

The program is made up of two main components, namely VAC System and VAC Builder, which are meant to work together to help you create the profiles you need and employ them whenever you want.

While VAC System only runs in the system tray, allowing you to switch profiles, enable sounds or configure process priority, VAC Builder offers a GUI that you can use to set up different profiles, one for each game or utility that you intend to use.

VAC (Voice Activated Commands) requires you to first add a profile, by means of the VAC Builder, giving it a name and inputting the preferred ‘Activation Phrase’. You can then start adding commands, as many as you need, assigning them each a function corresponding to the keystrokes required to execute a particular action.

Moreover, you can configure the ‘Command Attributes’ and the ‘Profile Attributes’, being able to also assign ‘Profile Activation Keys’, or set various ‘Special Functions’. At the same time, VAC (Voice Activated Commands) supports importing ready-made files in XML or TXT format.

When complete, you can press the ‘Save Profile’ button, enabling you to access it from the notification, by opening the ‘Load Profile’ submenu and clicking on the preferred item, which will instantly activate it so you can start working with it.

To sum it up, VAC (Voice Activated Commands) is an interesting and fairly approachable program that can help you control games or other apps by issuing voice commands, thus saving you time and allowing you to use your hands for other keyboard or mouse actions.