Music boxes have always charmed us with their distinct charm, mechanics, and beautiful sound, making them the perfect gifts.

Valentine Musicbox 3D Screensaver helps you show your affection for your better half right on your desktop.

Visually speaking the graphics are amazing: the texture show no signs of pixelation, the 3D rendering is done flawlessly, several elements have a realistic metallic glow, and the animation and camera movements are smooth and tender.

Many of the details might surprise you, for example how each leaf has nervations or the butterfly's wings.

Before anything else, the app stays true to its name and manages to deliver a mesmerizing mix of music box tunes that is backed up by classical music.

The app is more than just hearts, roses, butterflies and a music box; it is a means to show the world who that special person in your life is.

Besides the 3D background, the photo frame can support pictures from your library, allowing you to load images with your loved one, or even the two of your together.

During testing, the app seemed to be able to load images that were in JPEG and BMP. As for the image quality, the highest quality photo tested had a resolution of 8000x5745 pixels, so you know you'll enjoy photos in the highest quality

Despite the visual eye candy, the app runs very well in both animated wallpaper and in screensaver mode, so its recommended even for those of you running older systems.

However, if you do encounter performance issues such as FPS drops or background performance spikes, then you may adjust or disable specific features altogether. For example, you may change the app's resolution or aspect ratio, enable or disable the music, load songs from your library, adjust the volume, etc.

Those of you running multi-monitor systems will be happy to know that this app supports multiple screens.

It doesn't matter if Valentine's day is just around the corner,  or if its the middle of October, Valentine Musicbox 3D Screensaver is sure to bring joy to that special person in your life.