Vault is an extensive solution for users who wish to implement identity-based access and data encryption methods and procedures into their organization's systems, as well as manage networks' security.

During the data encryption process, the application allows automating the key assignment and implementing automatic key rotation at admin-defined intervals.

Moreover, with Vault, you can use the enterprise module for advanced data protection that involves data tokenization, the use of Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), and complex cryptographic engines that secure tokens, help with the key lifecycle maintenance, and turn Vault into a KMIP-server.

When it comes to Vault, product adoption is challenging, but once a system is put in place, the workflow and certain processes can be optimized and automated.

After initially installing Vault, the admin must start a server and while that is running, the data writing can begin. The 'Secret' engines are specially designed for allowing users to create, read, update, and delete secrets (data that is sensitive).

Furthermore, Vault enables the deployment of Vault managed services on AWS, the use of AWS generated keys, the configuration of multiple authentication methods, different-role assignment to each user that interacts with the system, and the adjustment of the engines' defaults.

In conclusion, this tool is a useful and powerful instrument that helps replace static network and data management infrastructures with dynamic ones. Given its extensive documentation, implementation models, and samples, Vault is an absolute gem.