Virtual business cards are a nifty way of sharing your contact information over the Internet, thanks to their wide array of customization options.

The downside is that, in order to print them, you require specialized software to read and interpret the VCF format.

An alternative solution to this problem can be achieved by using a conversion utility, such as VCF To Business Card Converter Software, which enables you to easily export VCF documents as BMP image files. These pictures can then be subjected to further modifications, or directly printed using any application available in your computer.

The resulting file contains six samples of your business card arranged on two columns, which allows you to print more of them in a more efficient manner and save both time and resources. The samples have plenty of space left between them, so you can easily cut around without affecting their integrity.

VCF To Business Card Converter Software allows you to manually choose a folder to save all the image files to, including drives on your computer and any removable media that is currently connected and can hold data, such as USB flash drives or external hard disks.

After the conversion process is complete, the application offers you a preview of the final result. The image is only visible for a few seconds, though, since its purpose is mostly to inform you that the operation was successfully completed without any errors and it is shortly followed by a confirmation dialog.

The batch conversion mode and the ability to automatically place more than one vCard on the same output image make VCF To Business Card Converter Software an ideal solution for those of you who want an easy way to prepare their business cards for printing.

Thanks to the intuitive and straightforward user interface, the application can be successfully used by anyone with minimal computer knowledge.