Managing contacts using Microsoft Office Outlook can sometimes be a tricky task, especially if one wishes to define a contact list based on the Outlook address book. Exporting the vCards in the VCF files is one potential solution and VCF to XLS Converter will allow users to export the VCF files with ease to either XLS or CSV format for further processing.

The application’s interface is minimalist and it provides just three main features that will allow users to first select their preferred vCards from VCF files, select the text formatting to either ANSI or UTF-8 and finally the output format and location.

The supported output formats are XLS and CSV and during our tests, we didn’t experience any issues in running the application and performing the test conversions. However, we would have liked to see support for batch conversion as an extra feature.

Exporting of the files is performed flawlessly, the data are being read and written at a decent speed and there was no lag detected during our tests. However, more demanding users could be requiring more features, such as the selection of actual vCards from multi-card VCF files.

A conversion log or even real-time status could have also been an excellent addition to the app’s simplistic interface, this way enabling users to closely monitor the conversion process. As stated above, maybe the lacking feature that one could consider as essential is the batch processing, which would complete the package beautifully.

Simple, efficient and maybe too rudimentary converter that will transform VCF files into either XLS or CSV format, according to users’ requirements. However, the basic features it provides might not be enough for more demanding users, who could need batch processing capabilities.