Vectorizer is a small application for individuals who don't have much luck in creating art but would like to enjoy that vibe without having to work too hard for it. In short, this program aims to convert bitmap images into a black and white vector version. The image can be slightly changed depending on how you'd like your resulting masterpiece to look. For starters, the app allows individuals to upload files by clicking on the Select Input Raster.

Adjusting the following soldiers, Threshold and Corner Smoothing, you'll be playing with the picture's clarity in its new black and white format. Make the image more homogenous by removing any spots that are bigger than a set number of pixels. Lastly, decide if you'd like to have the colors inverted, or not. Curve Optimization is also another possibility for those looking to create a smooth vector image.

The user can export the resulting images into either SVG or PDF files. In the end, it depends on what project you're working on and what you need this particular image for. Once all the settings have been properly adjusted, the user has only one more duty to fulfill, and that is to click on the Vectorize button which will ultimately begin the whole conversion process.