Vee-Launcher is a complex yet user-friendly software solution created to offer you the means of controlling your HTPC system, allowing you to set up shortcuts for the most used programs on your computer so you can access them more easily.

Following a brief and uneventful installation process, you can launch the utility, and using your mouse scroll wheel, your keyboard or the HTPC remote control buttons, you will be able to turn the ‘carousel’ and access its various sections, specifically ‘Internet’, ‘Music’, ‘Office’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Video’ or ‘Tools’.

Clicking on the main window of Vee-Launcher enables you to access the ‘Token Manager’, which lets you customize the shortcuts of the applications you wish to access, while right-clicking on its main screen lets you adjust its ‘Settings’.

Initially developed as a Vee-Hive component, Vee-Launcher comes with several built in shortcuts, but there are only there as a means of exemplifying their usage. You need to configure your own programs, as it is likely they have different paths on your Home Theater PC, so they might not work as they are.

The application allows you to create shortcuts for several types of tools, including ‘Games’, ‘Internet’ browsers, ‘Music’ or ‘Video’ rendering software, Microsoft Office components, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and others.

To add a new shortcut or edit an existing one, you can click on it in the tree view of the ‘Token Manager’, then set the preferred configuration, providing you with the ability of customizing it down to the icons, caption, commands, parameters and descriptions. When complete, you can press the ‘Save’ button to preserve the changes. Nonetheless, you also have the option of simply drag and dropping a Windows shortcut onto the 'carousel' or the tree for it to be added to Vee-Launcher.

To summarize, Vee-Launcher is an interesting and quite handy utility which enables you to take full advantage of your Home Theater PC and easily access your favorite software, working with an interactive interface.