VeryAndroid SMS Backup is a phone utility designed to help you create a backup for the messages you have stored on your Android mobile phone. With it you are able to copy all your SMS messages on your computer and restore them to the device when you need to.

VeryAndroid SMS Backup displays a user-friendly interface which makes it accessible to just about anyone. Its main window is comprised out of a toolbar and sections for viewing the contacts and actual messages.

From the toolbar you are able to access its main functions, meaningly import or export messages from and to a .csv file, print and backup messages or restore them. The sync process is fairly simple but for a new user it might take a couple of minutes as it implies installing VeryAndroid SMS Backup’s mobile counterpart and setting up the transfer permissions.

Once that’s done, and the two devices are in sync, you are able to view a list of all your contacts and clicking one brings up the conversations that you have with that person via SMS. The message exchange is displayed in an easy to follow thread that also offers you information about the time a message was sent or received.

Apart from creating and restoring backups, VeryAndroid SMS Backup also allows you to use it as a chat interface. With the phone connected to the computer you are able to resume chat sessions or start new ones with any of your contacts. All it takes is a click and you’re set to go.

If you’re looking to find a certain exchange of words between you and another person, VeryAndroid SMS Backup offers you a search function that allows you to locate single words or custom strings of text.

To wrap it up, VeryAndroid SMS Backup keeps things simple and practical. It makes backing up and restoring messages a cinch.