VICreator is a professional IDE for creating HD DVD Advanced Content. Designed exclusively for HD DVD, this authoring tool provides a number of features to simplify development process.

VICreator is configured to practically eliminate risk of editing errors. It displays quick tips when you are working with XML files, highlights the typos and errors right on the fly and provides convenient error navigation.

VICreator provides advanced ACA files support - therefore, you will be able to work with ACA files within the project just as with any other files. Moreover, VICreator allows one-click access to HD DVD interactivity jumpstart toolkit so you can easily check and preview your Advanced Content.

To help you create your interactive project VICreator provides:

■ Xml schema auto completion – automatically displays quick tips info when you are editing XML files.

■ Quick error navigation – checks all files in the project and shows you the Error List so you can jump to any error in one click.

■ Error highlights – recognizes errors that do not conform to the schemas and highlights the errors right on the fly.

■ Familiar interface – similar to Visual Studio and intuitive to use.

■ Autosave – the program automatically saves all the changes you make. It also auto-saves data each time you switch between the editors or applications.

■ Pre-built events – provides a batch file you can customize to your needs. The file will run each time you start validator or simulator.


■ 30 days trial period