Video and Music to iPhone Converter is a program that you can use to turn audio and video files into several file types, including MP4, MP3, WAV and MOV. But it can also prepare items for iPhone, Apple TV, iPod and Zune devices.

The application comes with a user-friendly interface where you can use only the file browser to import media files, since the 'drag and drop' functionality is not included.

The file queue displays the source path, size, frame rate, duration, output type, progress and number of frames for each file. If you are satisfied with the default settings, then you can immediately initialize the conversion procedure after establishing the output directory and extension.

Advanced users can tinker with the audio and video properties when it comes to the quality, codec, size, frame rate, channel mode and sample rate. Unfortunately, you cannot create output profiles or restore settings to default.

In addition, you can preview clips in a small, built-in media player, make Video and Music to iPhone Converter overwrite existing files and select the number of drop-down items in the output format list.

The media conversion program uses a moderate-to-high amount of system resources to finish a task briefly. It has a good response time, contains user documentation and delivers media files with a good image and sound quality. We have not come across any issues during our tests and Video and Music to iPhone Converter did not freeze or crash. Too bad you cannot specify the thread priority or cut files. No recent updates have been made.