Watching videos online is probably the favorite pass time activity in the entire world at the moment, and for a good reason, since there is no limit to what you can find online nowadays.

Some people enjoy videos so much that they decide they want them stored on their local drive for later viewing, maybe because they don't want to waste extra mobile data, or they plan on going somewhere where there's no Internet at all.

For those users, a program like Video Downloader(xmlbar) could come in handy.

While boasting a seemingly unimpressive UI, the app impresses through the features that it has, namely the ability to download videos from almost any website, unlike singular downloaders such as YouTube downloaders.

Tests found that even videos from more obscure websites are also supported, the only limitation is whether the video is hosted in one of the supported formats (FLV and MP4)

All you need to download a video is provide a valid URL and choose a file path for where to have the video stored.

For those of you that think copying and pasting video URLs is too much of a hassle, you'll be delighted to know that Video Downloader(xmlbar) also doubles as a search engine dedicated to finding video results.

This means that you can automatically download videos as you find and watch them. One thing that you should know is that the search engine is not all that efficient, and using dedicated browsers to do the video search is still the best, albeit longer, option.

regardless of whether we are talking about funny cat videos, online tutorials or "Top ten" videos, Video Downloader(xmlbar) is a choice you should take into consideration when thinking of saving them to your PC.